Being in your mid-20s can often feel like you’re on a long-ass road trip with an unknown destination. At times it looks like freedom, nothing tying you down or stopping you from where you want to go. Each city passed marks the progress you’re making and every bit of the journey makes the trip feel precious and all the more worthwhile. Other times you wonder if it will ever end, if you are even half-way there yet, wondering how long it will be until you find peaceful stillness and a comfortable bed.

Greta Gerwig

This has been the story of my life for the past three years…professionally, that is. I have the great fortune of having fallen in love with someone who keeps me sane and supports me unconditionally. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been able to keep anything together without him in my life; or perhaps, maybe I wouldn’t have had the courage to change anything at all. Maybe I wouldn’t jump as freely without the safety of having him behind me.

I can’t say that I know what I’m doing or where I want to end up, but I can say that I have faith in myself. I have enough pride and courage to believe that certain things just aren’t worth my time; that there will be a day when I find myself in a place where I’m appreciated, challenged, compensated, and content. When faced with the decision to stay on path or change course, I have to confront my fear of judgment and realize that it does not come from within and is not a genuine measure of what’s best for me. It’s become a little bit easier each time I do it and I think it marks a growth in character (at least I hope). I am slowly but surely becoming steadfast when igniting change, giving power to my free will and desire. Some would see this as detrimental to career advancement, but for my own personal path – and maybe yours too – it’s become crucial.

What I also need to remember is that a vast majority of people do not have the luxury of chasing after such elusive daydreams. Saddled with financial and familial obligations, most people are happy enough to have a stable paycheck to bring home each week. I am so grateful that I’ve found myself lucky enough to have the ability to explore without regret or consequence.

I’m not quite sure where the direction of this blog is going because I’m not sure where the direction of my life is going. But above all, it is a safe haven for me to work things out – whether they are thoughts on struggle, inspiration, or fluff. All of it is part of my journey right now and so I hope you don’t get too bored or confused when reading it. It’s my way of connecting and hopefully you feel it on your end too. My next little goal is to bring you some new drawings from my new studio space!

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