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Ideas . Storytelling . Collaboration . Connection

When she’s not painting or scouring for delicious eats on BuHi, Christina freelances as a photographer, writer, designer, and social media manager. Her specialty is people: connecting with people, understanding who they are, and finding exciting ways to tell their story. Her passion is to amplify your passion through media and messaging. Christina does this by becoming your biggest brand fan, giving you honest support to identify your weaknesses, and finding easy-to-execute solutions.



As a photographer, Christina strives to capture moments that emphasize the beauty of experiences. The goal is present photos that feel alive instead of still, vivid instead of perfect. Good visual content is the foundation for all successful marketing; with only a single photo shoot, you can have marketing content to last you months.

Writing / Graphic Design / Social Media / Networking

Services can be customized and tailored for each individual client. This can range from writing blog posts to drafting your email marketing campaigns to facilitating strategic relationships on your behalf. Christina will help you figure out the most cost-effective strategies and services to grow your company’s presence within your industry.


Whiskey Bird

Anthropologie Atlanta 

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