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Hi, my name is Christina.

I’ve shied away from writing in this for a little bit, but I’m forcing myself to get back into it. The holidays took a toll on me, as they usually do, due to working in retail. But it wasn’t really only that – I think it was also partly my age. I’m becoming more acutely aware of the fact that I’m far from family and far from friends. So when I’m not living that Insta-worthy life, I find myself craving those relationships more and more. Combine that with the fact that everyone else is making holly jolly memories and you’ve got a sour Christina.

Though it may seem aimless, there are a couple reasons why I wanted to write something, anything.

  1. I want to get my real voice on here again. It’s easy to hide behind pretty pictures and awesome clothes and make you think I’m this cool inspiring girl who has everything she wants in life.
  2. To let you know that I have pauses and breakdowns too. Everyone is always like “you’re so amazing”, “I don’t know how you do everything you do,” et cetera… and the answer to all those is that at some point, it’s too much. So that’s why I had to just step back from it.
  3. Setting resolutions can be done on your own timeline. So while the world rang in the New Year, I was like ummm yeah I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in a month. I do have resolutions, but I kind of always have resolutions for my life. That’s where my drive comes from I guess.

And lastly, is that I’m not giving up. Just like in a diet, sometimes you have a cheat day and that’s okay. It’s hard to change your lifestyle. We’re creatures of habit and routine and comfort. I had a cheat month, haven’t painted anything haven’t done anything to push myself creatively. It felt overwhelming to even try.

That doesn’t mean I failed or that I’m set back in any way. I’m human. I’ve still got the same dreams, the same motivations and while it’s hard to tell, I am excited. In a quiet way I guess. I’m excited to continue growing. I’m excited to continue discovering. I hope you’re still down for following along with me.

Because I feel like I need to be giving you something else, here’s my current studio playlist. Studio meaning my living room couch slash also my car.


I’m no stranger to reflection and of course the holidays are as good a time as ever to sit back and think about the impact of the past year on your life. How could I miss out on another chance to do that?

Usually when there’s a break in blog writing here it means I’m busy, I’m sad, or I just don’t have the words. The first is true for sure – I’m busy. Instagram becomes the best option here because it’s a way to stay connected without committing to sitting down and writing. I’m not sad though, actually far more the opposite. I’m really happy. I’ve entered a phase in my life that feels like the final transition. Well maybe not final, but definitely important. I guess it might always feel that way though. So it deserves an effort from me to articulate what this year’s been about for me (and maybe for you too).


The real world is hard, but you’re still learning. 

Not too long ago, if I were upset about my current life status I would mull over it for quite some time. I would spiral downwards and downwards into a hole of self-pity and see no way of getting out of it other than quitting it altogether. Luckily with practice I’ve found myself able to bounce back much more quickly because life has taught me that this too shall pass and the less time you spend feeling bad about it, the quicker you can move onto improving it. And it’s okay to to feel bad, it’s okay to make mistakes. We’re still learning. I’m always learning. 

thankful for me

Today is Thanksgiving and I wanted to share with you what I’ve decided I’m thankful for. I’ve decided that the thing I will be thankful for today is me.

Every day of my life I’m overwhelmed by support that comes from unexpected places. Sometimes it’s someone I work with who barely knows me, sometimes it’s my boyfriend who tells me how amazed he is by me still. Sometimes it’s a comment on social media or a fellow artisan who says how much they admire my work. For all these things, every single day of the year, I am grateful and thankful to them. It’s really such a wonder to me that I could be this connected to people.


But today, on a Thanksgiving where I’m all by myself, I’ve decided to give proper props to myself and say that I’m most thankful for my own will, talent, and kindness. All too often I discredit myself by qualifying my accomplishments against other people or circumstance. But it’s really just me. I did this. I’m the one who is in control of my own joy and how I affect others and to date, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

I don’t want to spiral into a hole of self congratulations, so I’ll leave it at that.

When was the last time you thanked yourself for being you?


joseph and co

I could have never imagined that after five years I would have cultivated such a vast and diverse network of colleagues and creatives here in Atlanta. I’m starting to get used to living in a state of constant awe for the work that people do. There are just some of us that have a unique vision for an enhanced life, a simpler way of living beautifully. My friend Joseph is one of those people.


How do I describe Joseph? I’m always challenged when I try to capture the essence of people in words, but obvously I have to try. Joseph is someone who understands the many ingredients it takes to have a lovely experience; he appreciates the home-made, the genuine, the warmth of sitting down with someone to share a meal. I think he and I became friends because we both see potential, in the world and in others. There’s really nothing more beautiful than taking the time to make something (for me, art and for him, food), imbue it with care and love, and offer it to someone to better their lives.


I was thrilled to see that he has created a platform for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy his vision at Joseph and Co. Nestled in the corner of Glenwood Park, his store is like a model for a well-loved kitchen and pantry, stocked with local food goods as well as baked treats by Joseph himself. When you come in, order a coffee and stay a while.


Perhaps that’s really the thing I love the most about Joseph and his shop – it’s an open invitation to take a moment and stay a while. The lofty windows and array of provisions begs you to slow down, be inspired, and take a piece of that charming experience home with you. Oh, and the delicious buttery flaky croissants don’t hurt either.


a style guide on wearing dresses this winter

As we delve deeper into sweater weather, many people are prone to sacrifice style for warmth, putting their dresses and skirts into storage until spring comes around again. Although your beloved floral dress won’t protect you from the elements, the beauty of accessories is that they can be varied up to suit the changing temperatures. A contributor of the lifestyle media publication Gurl says that any dress can be worn in the winter, as long as you have the fashion basics including boots, cardigans, leggings, tights, thick socks and scarves to support it.


[ image via vanessa jackman ]

You also have the option of shopping for new winter dresses. As you can see on the fashion e-store Lyst, brands like Missguided have a diverse collection of winter dresses with long-sleeved wraps, high necklines and velvet bodycons, but you should also try to make use of what you already own. Here’s how to incorporate your favorite feminine outfits into your winter wardrobe:

Wear cute knee-length socks or tall, fitted boots
Tights and leggings are obvious staples for the winter, but Cosmopolitan also suggests substituting these accessories with cute knee-length socks and tall boots. To keep you looking chic, make sure there’s some skin exposed between the boot or sock and the hem of your dress. For extra protection, wear a long coat and sheer or nude hosiery underneath the socks or boots.

Layering is key
Dresses are usually the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to switch things up. A simple dress can be worn underneath a long sleeve striped tee or a cute sweater. It can be also worn over a snug, collared oxford shirt. The plain patterned dress will allow you to experiment with different colors and prints. Another way to layer is by wearing a thermal top underneath along with a standard slip dress, as the blogger of Smaggle recommends.


[ image via closetfullofclothes ]

Sport a turtleneck underneath a shift dress
In one of the many tips to winterize your closet, Buzzfeed says that a turtleneck works well under a shift dress. The new silhouette adds a little more complexity to the lack of detailed shaping made popular by Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy in the 1950s and 1960s.


[ image via vanessa jackman ]

Check out Style Motivation for more ideas and style inspiration for this season.

everything i got

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog front, but it’s not for a lack of desire, interest, or content. I’ve been spending my free moments over the past few weeks being a maker – doing things instead of dreaming of doing them.


Earlier this year I applied to Indie Craft Experience’s Holiday Spectacular thinking that getting into this event would light a fire under my butt and.. boy, did it ever. Feeling under the gun, I’ve been making decisions and spending money on new products without second thought. I leapt.

I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I want this to be it. I want this to be the real actual start of me feeling like I’ve got a direction. It’s never felt so close to being real and I don’t want this to stop. As exhausted and scared as I am, I am happy that I’m willing myself into this. More to come soon.

iris van herpen at the high museum

As much as it pains me to say this, I recognize that museums aren’t always the most exciting activity for a lot of people. Most people would much rather go see a movie, shop the mall, or walk the Beltline. And while all those things are just as enjoyable and just as stimulating, I think people all too often are missing out on the chance to experience a unique sense of awe that you can only find within the white temple of the art museum. It does require a willingness, a desire to remove oneself from all the media crap out there and focus in on a moment. A visual record of a moment of individual (or collective) inspiration to create something out of nothing.

Sometimes it can be easy to find that awe, standing in front of gargantuan Rothkos or among rows of classical carrara marble sculptures. Other times it takes explanation, reflection, and thinking outside oneself to find meaning. The High Museum’s mission is to cultivate a community where art appreciation and education can thrive so that this kind of museum-going experience becomes a shared one. Their recent programming aims to entice the broader Atlanta audience and in their upcoming exhibition, they do so through the glossy lens of fashion.

EXH_1149 VanHerpen 17 Hybrid HolismIris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion blurs the line between form and function and will be The High Museum’s first ever fashion design exhibition. Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen is known for creating sculptural couture looks which feature various media, everything from magnets to synthetic boat rigging. It’s no wonder she was the first to introduce 3D printing technology into the world of fashion! The integration of this new technique with traditional handiwork results in a collection of pieces that feel at once both out-of-this-world and of the body.

Magnetic Motion - 31 - Copyright Yannis Vlamos

Join me at the opening party for this exhibition on Friday, November 6th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm! The event is free and open to the public, complete with a dance performance from the Atlanta Ballet, music by DJ Speakerfoxxx, and most importantly… Iris van Herpen herself! The exhibition opens officially on November 7th and runs through May 15th 2016, giving you plenty of time to see these extraordinary pieces.

Capriole - 19 - Copyright Michel Zoeter

This post is sponsored by The High Museum of Art; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

creative masters: ashley buzzy of press shop

I think once Ashley reads the word “master”, she’ll probably chuckle in humble disbelief. She and I have met a grand total of two times and within those two conversations, I became convinced that she’s got it all figured out. Not in a “got all of my ducks perfectly in a row” sort of way, but in a “real person with real expectations yet still a dreamer and a doer”… sort of way. Her studio, Press Shop, is filled with natural light and is quiet yet welcoming (like Ashley herself). I sat down with her one morning as she elegantly free-handed Happy Birthday using pink and orange brush tip markers. Her down-to-earth candor and entrepreneurial courage is exactly what you’d expect out of a seasoned ladyboss. I greatly admire her willingness to take risks as well as her ability to determine where desire meets capability and compromises with circumstance.


First things first – why printing, why letterpress? How did you get into this medium?
After taking lots of various printmaking classes in college, I realized in my professional life that I missed the process of actually using my hands to see a design or idea come to completion. Since I was already in the design and stationery business, I decided to invest in having my own letterpresses – they are the most commercially usable presses, don’t take up too much space and require very little maintenance. I love all kinds of printmaking, but letterpress seemed like the best press to personally own and operate a business with.

Flash back to ten years ago, or even just five. Did you envision that this is what your life was going to look like?
I’m not the type of person who envisions things, haha. If you asked me five years ago what my life would look like now I’d tell you I couldn’t care to think about that when there’s so much to get done today. That’s exactly how I would answer today if someone asked me about 2020. I think the key to my life has been to just keep making the next right choice and saying yes to the next opportunity that feels right in your gut. Not all of those choices have brought success or forward motion, but if you just keep trying different things, your gut will get a lot smarter about what to chase.


What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about running a creative business?
That it’s any different than running any other kind of business. I always tell people that running a business is 10% being really good at something and 90% learning how to do new things. People look at my work and assume that the majority of my day is spent creating beautiful things. Nothing could be further from the truth. 10% of my time is spent creating and 90% is managing administrative tasks, email, bills, legal/accounting stuff, logistics, the studio, etc. I spend a lot of time cleaning. When you run a business you are everyone from the CEO to the maid. If you think you’re gonna get to skip the maid part – sorry dudes!

Describe a typical work day for you.
I try to tackle on “physical” project as soon as I walk into the studio. Whether that’s cleaning up my mess from yesterday, printing a small order, getting some calligraphy on paper that I’ve been procrastinating on, etc. It feels good to get one of those to-do’s off my list before I get trapped in the black hole of email and errands. I try not to spend all day on my email – although it can be INCREDIBLY tempting to do that because it feels like being productive even if you never get any actual work done. Usually I spend a couple of hours in the middle of the day running around to the paper supplier and the post office, etc. I usually end up staying late if I’m having a creative moment. Most of my original content is created at the end of a workday when I’m doodling and ignoring that I’m hungry and should go home.


What are you inspired by? What is fulfilling to you?
I’m inspired by problem-solving. My favorite thing about running a business – or what keeps me interested in having a business – is creating business models or strategies and testing them. I really love to do that for other people too. I think being creative is great and all, but at my core I’m a business lady. I care less about WHAT I make and more about HOW I reach people with it.