I’m no stranger to reflection and of course the holidays are as good a time as ever to sit back and think about the impact of the past year on your life. How could I miss out on another chance to do that?

Usually when there’s a break in blog writing here it means I’m busy, I’m sad, or I just don’t have the words. The first is true for sure – I’m busy. Instagram becomes the best option here because it’s a way to stay connected without committing to sitting down and writing. I’m not sad though, actually far more the opposite. I’m really happy. I’ve entered a phase in my life that feels like the final transition. Well maybe not final, but definitely important. I guess it might always feel that way though. So it deserves an effort from me to articulate what this year’s been about for me (and maybe for you too).


The real world is hard, but you’re still learning. 

Not too long ago, if I were upset about my current life status I would mull over it for quite some time. I would spiral downwards and downwards into a hole of self-pity and see no way of getting out of it other than quitting it altogether. Luckily with practice I’ve found myself able to bounce back much more quickly because life has taught me that this too shall pass and the less time you spend feeling bad about it, the quicker you can move onto improving it. And it’s okay to to feel bad, it’s okay to make mistakes. We’re still learning. I’m always learning. 

Find a way to thrive where you are. (“bloom where you are planted”)

This is pretty dang crucial. I don’t know a single person who views their situation as ideal, even if others think that they have it made. As emotional beings, I think we’re sort of eternally dissatisfied with ourselves and wanting for more. But you can’t just 180 it and overnight become the person you dreamed you would be. Even if you did, it probably wouldn’t feel that way for long. So you find a way, you figure out how to succeed in whatever place you’ve landed yourself in. If you could conquer a situation that wasn’t ideal, imagine what awesomeness you’d achieve when you’re finally where you want to be.

Focus on experiences and lessons of value.

No matter what you’re doing, I promise you there is value in it. You could be learning your boundaries. You could be learning what it means to work as a team towards a goal. You could be learning how to run your life in a way you never had to before. Regardless of whatever crappy thing you’re dealing with, it’s an experience that is going to enrich you as a person and as a professional. It’s where wisdom comes from, duh. So I totally get it if you want to give up to chase your dreams, but until you’re really actually going to, take note of how you could be growing in your actual experience.

Relationships of today are opportunities for tomorrow.

One last thing to add to “regardless of this, you need to do x, y, and z” – don’t forget about the people you’re interacting with and how they are shaping your life. Your network was started ages ago and you’re continuing to build it as you go through different phases in your life. Make sure you cultivate meaningful relationships and you lead your life as an example of who you want to be. Does that make sense? What I’m trying to say is that if people remember you as this really hardworking, creative, self-motivated person working towards something bigger than themselves… that can only be a good thing. And when something amazing pops up out of the blue, they will think of you. They’ll remember a person who is ready for something awesome. Don’t throw away or underestimate the power of relationships.

I didn’t intend to make such a preach-y post! These are things I’ve learned from other people this year and I think they’re helping me propel myself forward more effectively. There’s less whining and wishing and more working and making it happen. For that, I’m really thankful for 2015.

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