Christina of Tide & Bloom


a standard of grace


No matter how many times I’m told not to, I always find myself doing one or all of the following:

  • being extremely critical of my own work
  • expecting myself to be the ultimate example
  • doubting my ability to overcome
  • underestimating the power of my influence
  • wanting to do things myself to maintain control

I don’t think I’ll ever be completely free of these habitual thoughts, but I’m going to make a promise to myself. Actually, a couple of promises – to execute for the upcoming year. I promise to:

  • move forward, make mistakes, and try again
  • be proud of every little thing I’ve accomplished
  • remind myself that I’m capable of amazing things
  • value the impact I have as a role model for my peers
  • let go and trust that everything will be okay

a quiet afternoon at chrome yellow

With numerous cool coffee spots popping up around town, I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to heaven. Atlanta is almost at that point where every neighborhood has a great espresso go-to. One such lovely spot is Chrome Yellow Trading Co.


The most notable part of my experience every time I visit Chrome Yellow is that I feel an overwhelming sense of calm. This quiet peace makes me want to stay all day, but how many cups of coffee can I drink before the baristas think me crazy?


I adore the boutique’s clothing selection, but with coffee and cookies in hand I didn’t dare try anything on. That’ll have to change in the near future.


year 28


It’s been quite some time since I’ve really written on this blog. It’s getting more and more difficult to sort my thoughts into distinct topics and while they’re all relevant, I’m getting a bit self conscious about the fact that I still have feelings similar to those I had five years ago. I’m thinking that the reason for all of these thoughts is because of the dream. You know the dream. The millennial (ugh yes I’m one of those) goal of a fully realized life that looks beautiful, feels important, and is worthy of sharing with the world. We all want to feel significant, influential, and inspiring. I’m no different.


I turned 28 last week and am having that “this is it, this is the year” feeling. But I get that feeling every single year. Is it real? Is it a good thing to feel this sense of hope? Is this what keeps me going?..  Unfortunately this lovely hope is inextricable from fears that are motivational yet also crippling. I fear that with every year, I’m running out of time. Sounds pretty ridiculous for someone still in their 20s, but if I don’t get it right now, then when will I? I can wax poetic all day long about following your heart and going for what you want, but if I’m not doing it then what does that make me?


Yes, I have a nice little blog. Sure, I make some art in my free time. Indeed, I have an eye for creating with an aesthetic that people enjoy. I have x amount of followers and some people in Atlanta know who I am. But I feel like I’m moving at the pace of a glacier being dragged by a turtle. I still yearn for that moment when I’ll feel like I’ve made it, like I’m living the dream. But I’m wondering if it really exists or if I’m just mentally running on a treadmill trying to chase a fantasy.

creative makers: charlotte smith

It took months of working with this woman to find out that she was a ceramist. And when I finally saw her porcelain pieces, it all made perfect sense. As is always the case, an artist’s work is a direct reflection of the person she or he is, whether intentional or not. Charlotte’s work is quiet, elegant, unexpected. Her live-work studio made me a bit jealous; with the sunlight streaming in through the loft, I felt a sense of calm and an overwhelming desire to get to work. My admiration for her diligence only grew.


How did you get here? Why did you choose clay?
It was something to do while I couldn’t find a job, that was a frustrating time.

Do you remember the first time you worked with porcelain?
Yes, it’s because they were out of the stoneware that I normally buy. I’ve not used stoneware since I tried porcelain that day. Well, aside from my black clay.


What does a perfect day in the studio look like to you?
I mostly work in the studio on Thursdays and Fridays along with the time I have off during the weekend. A perfect day in the studio is when I can complete enough things that I feel satisfied when I have to go back to work on Monday. I enjoy sunny days with my big windows. I also enjoy days that start with coffee.


If you could pick one functional item to make for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Well, I’ve enjoyed making cups for the last year, so why not more cups. They’re almost instant gratification, and I enjoy using them as small canvases to do patterns on or experiments with new techniques. 

a love story fall


If you haven’t heard then I’m sure you’ve at least seen that the 70s are back. The silhouettes, the patterns, and the colors of decades past is truly taking over stores for the fall season. Basically, we all now want to look like Ali McGraw (my mom would say she was way ahead of her time).


It’s all about that hint of menswear – in structure or pattern.. or both. This color blocked trench seduced me in about 10 seconds flat. I’m thinking that I’ll love it til I’m in my 70s!


sweater tank / anthropologie
trench coat / anthropologie
paige hoxton denim / anthropologie
purse / neva opet

kit and ace supper club

Last week, I was honored to attend a private supper club dinner hosted by Kit and Ace. The purpose is beautifully simple: connect the creatives of our city with an intimate dining experience. I had no idea who was going to be sitting at the table with me, but I knew it was going to be something I never forget.


It’s amazing how easy it can be to talk to strangers, as long as you have an open mind and a desire to have a genuine conversation. Of course it helped that the guests were chosen for specific reasons.. but it was obvious that the thing that united us all was exactly what makes a dinner like this possible. A spirit that takes the road less traveled for a greater chance at happiness, beauty, contribution.


There’s not really much else to say. All the nuances that made this experience special are something I’d like to keep for myself and those who shared this with me. Needless to say, I hope there are more supper clubs in my future.


is this your heartbeat or is it mine?

A good friend of mine recently made the decision to change her entire life.


Something was missing and she had been ignoring it for too long. She existed in a state of limbo, in between ending and beginning, wondering when she’ll feel whole. She decided she wasn’t going to be passive about it; instead she would seek it out for herself, shake things up and see where everything falls. Because it really was just like that – she was holding in her hands a configuration of little bits and pieces that she knew all too well. With her eyes closed, she held her breath and threw them up in the air. Now, watching them fall into a new set.

All of that was an effort to put into words how much I admire her self-awareness, courage, and willpower. She set out into an unknown and so I made this driving playlist for her, to keep her ablaze and give her company on her journey. What I didn’t know is that in creating such a playlist, I would end up listening to it nonstop.

I chose these songs because they speak to certain emotional moments you go through in shaking up your life: desire, awe, fear, doubt, nostalgia, peace, freedom. I find myself listening to this on repeat because I’m hoping I’ll catch some of her drive and, once again, get on with moving closer and closer to living the life I always dreamt about.

anthropologie ponce city market

If you live in Atlanta, then you know about Ponce City Market. If you don’t, then immediately drop everything and go drive up Ponce De Leon Avenue! Set for a grand opening in Fall 2015, Ponce City Market will be the new midtown shopping and dining destination for the next generation of buyers. What’s going in there? Well, first and foremost, Anthropologie! Yup, already open for your shopping pleasure.


If you prefer to experience the full surprise of its majesty, then don’t scroll down. It was everything I imagined and more, raw and elegant, real and inspiring.