Boy, it’s getting harder and harder to write introductions that do my subjects justice. I’m surrounded by so many creators in my life, amazing women who conquer fears every single day and inspire every person they know. I don’t want to start sounding repetitive but there are just not enough words. Not enough words. This particular darling of a gem is someone I’ve admired from the day I met her; she has always had a fearlessness about her (although I’m sure she’d argue otherwise), a confidence that was so evident yet still humble. She’s just one of those people who loves people and you can see it radiate in how genuinely she presents herself. I strive for that sort of graceful transparency, and I couldn’t do it without role models like Lauren.

creative-makers-lauren-friday-12 Tell me more about what you do.

I currently work for a brand new educational business named The Callback Company. It is a company focused on training students of any age how to audition well based on their own skills. We provide Broadway masterclasses, seminars, cabaret performances, local showcases and NYC showcases to help broaden our students horizons and give them the skills needed to succeed in the professional world. We also help high school students prepare for their college auditions so they have an even bigger shot at getting into their dream program. It has been an amazingly fulfilling experience.


So what’s your average day look like?

To be truthful, I don’t feel like I have an “average day”. Since I have so many different projects, it’s all about prioritizing and multitasking. Every day begins the same, however, with a bountiful amount of coffee.

What inspires you? How do you stay motivated?

I have to find the tiny joys within each day. The small victories often lead to giant ones. I also have an amazing support system that surrounds me. I try to fill my life with the most creative and positive people there are and gain strength and motivation from their encouragement and talents of their own. Inspiration is all around me, I think. I can be inspired by commotion or stillness. The challenge I face most often when it comes to inspiration is being in the correct mindset to see it. I feel like as an artist living in this world as it is today, it is hard to take yourself out of the daily grind long enough to truly experience your surroundings. This is something I am working on. The tactic that works the best for me is changing my scenery and other elements in my environment. 


Mmm.. that sounds quite familiar to me. When you do bring it back to yourself, do you feel like you’ve become the woman you thought you’d be?

Ask me again in 50 years! Haha! I am very much a work in progress. Am I where I thought I would be by age 26? NOPE. But I am finding that no one is where they thought they would be. Everyone’s journey is extremely different. I am finding joy in the unexpected and just trying to roll with the punches. I have a catch phrase “It’s All For the Memoir”. Life isn’t a race. Also, how boring would it have been if I did predict my future from a young age? Life has way more to offer me than what I had originally dreamed. I’m just trying to trust the journey.

I never thought about it that way. I think that can be the hardest thing; trusting life. I guess it’s also¬†about trusting your self, trusting your worth. What do you think has been the most surprising learning experience about it all?

That my parents were right—most of the time. I have gained an amazing amount of respect for them. I have always been grateful, but as I grow older, I am realizing how much they have sacrificed for me to be able to consistently chase my dreams. Their love continues to astound me every single day.

Creativity. Define what it means to you.

Literally just looked up the definition. It means “the ability to transcend traditional ideas”. I couldn’t agree more. I believe creativity is having individual and different ideas and then having the courage to act upon and manifest something…anything.

I’m assuming this also kind of applies to your sense of style, right?

I like playing with and mixing opposites. I like pairing old and new, bright and mute, hard and soft. I am also a very nostalgic person, so I like any piece with a history, even if not my own. I am a storyteller myself, so I think that is why I gravitate towards antiques and conversation pieces.


Do you think Atlanta is the place for you? And why or why not?

I have grown to appreciate Atlanta and I love all it’s little nooks, quirks, and amazing brunch spots. However, I do not plan to stay. I want to live as many cities as I can. I love exploring. I don’t like the idea of remaining in one place for too long. I also really love well working public transportation. I’m sorry, Atlanta, but you are behind there, love!


What is your five year goal? And ten year?

I am extremely passionate about The Callback Company and what it’s mission is. In five years, I would love to help grow the company and bring our services to students all over the country. In ten years, I want to see if we can make it international. Students around the world deserve these kinds of opportunities. Oh, and I wouldn’t be mad if I got to originate a Broadway role along the way.


Last but not least… what do you wish you could tell your 12-year-old self? Your 21-year-old self?

Dear 12 year old self, please take things more seriously.

Dear 21 year old self, lighten up.

I am still searching for the balance.


  1. Creativity, courage, compassion and class. Lauren is a treasure! I think you beautifully captured her charm.

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