I think that when I first began this blog, I had planned for it to be a motivating tool to get back into making art. On some days, it really was. As time went on (it’s approaching two years old!) it became clearer to me that this space is more of a foray into my love for photography and writing – I guess just journaling in general. And yes, that does motivate art because life is what sustains inspiration and creation. After weeks and weeks of fruitless thought, I’ve finally come to the simplest solution to my creative problems. And it might sound dumb and so easy, but it’s truly a revelation to me today.

I need to make something, any little thing,
any stroke or small movement, every single day of my life. 


I’m holding myself to this promise and documenting it via instagram. Social media is an omnipresent and daily ritual and that’s the way I need my art practice to be. So I’ve made a vow to post a visual update on a piece every single day of my life. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes out of my day to do this. And I know it’ll make all the difference. Wish me luck!

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