I had been hearing lots of things about Ladybird, so it was time I find out firsthand. Perfect opportunity for a lady brunch, right?


When you get into your late 20s, brunch unfortunately starts to lose its luster. You no longer have the availability to devote hours and hours on a Sunday to sitting around gabbing over mimosas. But every now and then, it’s necessary to indulge and enjoy the company of other lovely ladies. A couple hours out of your errand-running is nothing compared to to some good-hearted laughs with friends. Ladybird was a great spot to spend some quality time – family-style tables, down-home casual breakfast food, and endless cups of coffee.


Everything was pretty darn delightful here (company included obviously). Their brunch selection covers anything you might be craving for a cozy weekend morning. I myself went for the savory mexican flavors with a cast iron pan full of chips, salsa, avocado, an egg. You know, tasty stuff. Other delicious choices on our table included the deviled eggs, beignets, farro bowl, hot chicken biscuits, and breakfast flatbread.


Important notes: the farro salad is good but not filling, the beignets are more savory than you’d expect, and the alcoholic drinks are a bit steep for a girl with a budget. But the good news is that their coffee knows no bottom (perfect) and the flatbread and chilaquiles are totally shareable. Yes, when it comes down to it, I need to watch my dollar bills y’all. Don’t you?


Our server was great, just the right amount of attentive and forgiving (a bunch of girls can be a bit much no matter what), and it was overall such a great time. We ended up spending three hours sitting there and we couldn’t want for more. We had it all, in those moments, enjoying the sublime simplicity of a good meal with good friends. These kinds of mornings sustain the spirit.



  1. I’ve been wanting to go here. You sold me on it! I love the inside scoop on where to get the most for your money (or least) <3

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