The visual universe of Kim Keever is one of mysterious and sometimes foreboding majesty – a new iteration of surrealism. We see his landscapes as a place that is as familiar as it is foreign, seductive enough to draw us in despite any suspicions of potential danger.
Kim Keever landscape | tide & bloom"Forest 68c" by Kim Keever | tide & bloomThese ethereal environments are puzzling. Are they real? Are they manufactured? What is the secret to this hauntingly beautiful visual set up? 
abstracts by Kim Keever | tide & bloom

The answer is simple genius, as is most great art. These stunning and weird compositions are photographs of dioramas staged in a fish tank. Who would have thought?! Well, Kim Keever did. Once you see the set-up, it all makes sense yet the photos don’t lose an ounce of their whimsy. For me, they became all the more intriguing once I knew their origins; like seeing the reveal of a magic trick and loving it all the more for its brilliance.

Kim Keever's studio set up | tide & bloomKim Keever's studio set up | tide & bloom"Abstract 9753" by Kim Keever | tide & bloom"Eroded Man 49c" by Kim Keever | tide & bloomTo check out more from these series, visit Kim Keever’s website.


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