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sunday comfort

Does social media ever make you feel inadequate when you get dressed to go enjoy your day off? Being a “blogger”, I know this feeling all too well. Since I follow so many amazing creatives, I have a bad case of comparison envy and often have to snap myself out of it. It’s never a full picture of reality and it’s often the product of an hour of makeup application and another hour of taking photos just for that one shot.

Anyways all of that is to say, I wanted to show you an outfit that I ACTUALLY wore for an ACTUAL Sunday off in my real life. Our day’s plans consisted of breakfast and strolling around for Sunday In the Park (see previous blog entry) at Oakland Cemetery. More often than not, this how I actually dress for my days of ease and comfort. What you typically see in my outfit posts is how I dress for work and for blog photos. Full disclosure, I work at Anthropologie and so yes, it is by definition my job to dress well.


Everything I’m wearing in these photos are items I got for a steal, that I happened upon due to sheer luck. My hair is second day waves and I couldn’t be bothered to put in contacts or wear any makeup. Luckily there was a slight chill in the air and I was having a pretty good skin day. All I needed was a delicious latte from Octane and I knew my day was gonna be awesome. 

hello warby parker

I’ve been wearing contacts on the regular for more than a decade, but you’d never know it unless you’ve seen me on one of my off days. I only pull out the good ole trusty specs when I’m having allergy issues with my eyes or if I’m traveling long distances. Unfortunately this means I’ve been using the same pair (with an out of date prescription) for as long as I can remember. Needless to say, I was way overdue for a refresh. I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out that uber cool hipster Netflix of glasses, Warby Parker.


Have you heard of Warby Parker? Tell me you have. Well, if you haven’t, here’s their manifesto. I had known about them for a while so I was actually pretty excited that I could experience their home try-on process firsthand. Basically what you do is shop their collections online, use their handy dandy virtual try-on using a picture of yourself, and then select five frames to be sent directly to you for test driving. Here’s what I got:


I selected a variety of colors because I decided if I’m gonna get brand spanking new frames, then I’m gonna get ones that are going to entice me to actually choose glasses over contacts. It’s pretty contradictory to my whole getting-ready process to factor in glasses on my face, but I mean, how can I miss out on a chance to have a great accessory? It’s time that I embrace my inner nerd and turn it into outfitting plus instead of a style obstacle. Here’s what they all look like on…