officially obsessed: tokimonsta

Back in the good ole college days, I used to fancy myself something of a good-music-finder. But since I’ve graduated and become busy with trying to stay afloat in the real world, discovering new songs and new artists has definitely fallen to the wayside. Now I only come to new music from happenstance – cooler friends, 88.5 wras, or a chance blog post. Well, last week I discovered Tokimonsta thanks to this feature by Refinery 29. And I think I’ve fallen in love.


holiday ragin’

holiday ragin' playlist

No, not shopping rage. By holiday ragin’, I mean like holiday parties galore! I’d give anything to have a great soiree to attend; I love the idea of decking yourself all out in jewels and jewel tones to really eat, drink, and be merry. Not to mention I pretty much love any excuse to dance in public. Though I don’t have any special social engagements lined up, there will still be dancing around my house to be had. And for that, I give you this playlist of catchy beats – let yourself go and celebrate another great year gone by!

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bridget davies illustration

Getting myself mentally and emotionally prepared for making work is as important as actually making the work. The first step always is and always will be finding inspiration in the talent of others. Thankfully, Pinterest and Tumblr make it easier than ever to find new artists to be jealous of. One such artist is Bridget Davies.

illustration by Bridget Davies

illustration by Bridget Davies

While it doesn’t fall in line with exactly what I do, it has that wonderful balance of whimsy and elegance that I am always so drawn to. Her lines are fluid yet thoughtfully articulated, almost like a great outfit that looks effortlessly fabulous. 

dance daydreamer

I’ve been quiet for too long. In addition to drawing and wearing lovely stuffs, I’m obsessed with dance. Now that the annual season of SYTYCD is in full swing, I can let my freak flag wave and admit that if I had one wish at all, I might wish that I could be a professional dancer. There’s not a legit reason why I can’t since you can do anything you really set your heart on, but my heart seems set on so many things that dance usually falls by the wayside. Thankfully in college I got the chance to grow as a dancer and performer through a student organization – shout out to Dancin’ Gators – but unfortunately ever since I graduated it just hasn’t been a priority of mine.

Since I only have time to daydream about choreography, I’ll just go ahead and do the next best thing and share the choreography of others. And there’s nowhere I’d rather start than with my favorite hip hop choreographer duo, Keone and Mari Madrid. When they were revealed as a new choreo pair on SYTYCD, my heart jumped right out of my chest and stayed glued to the tube. I spent many a night in college watching and re-watching and re-watching their YouTube videos for inspiration. To see them get globally recognized with their moves on national TV was so… uplifting.


I just can’t get over the way their unique understanding of movement and musicality. They fluidly mix dance genres (jazz, hip hop, contemporary, locking) and create formations that are so visually striking. I really can’t stop gushing over it. Their routines just embody everything I love about dance – fun, spirit, musicality, and diversity. These are all things I aspire to have in my own moves, if I ever get around to making some new ones. Let this be documentation that I promise I will choreograph new routines and remind my body of all the different and beautiful ways it can move. Until then, here are a list of my favorite routines from Keone and Mari.


nadia tarr

I just can’t get over the beautifully designed dresses and lookbooks from Nadia Tarr ever since I saw them on Miss Moss. The silhouettes of her design are stunning and timeless. The first thing you’d want to do in her clothing is twirl, which makes sense given her background as a dancer and choreographer.



I’m lusting over the lookbooks just as much as I am the clothing.

summer playlist

Here’s a list of the music I am currently listening to (on repeat). It’s a mix of indie inspiration, classic throwbacks, and top 40 fun. Pharrell is rockin’ my world, as per usual. Here’s to a great summer filled with long beautiful days and sweet sticky nights.

[spotify  http://open.spotify.com/user/1265780517/playlist/5KAo6syM2k2cGxt6WK0P78]

Daft Punk ft/ Pharrell – Get Lucky


Rilo Kiley – Let Me Back In

Justin Timberlake – That Girl

The Staves – In The Morning


Mariah Carey – Always Be My Baby