Ah, the Georgia Aquarium. Who doesn’t love aquariums? They allow you a glimpse into a whole other world beneath the surface of the water; the glass that stands between you and the ocean life only amplifies your sense of wonderment.


I don’t get to visit the Georgia Aquarium that often so when they invited me to their media preview of the new sea lion exhibit, I was pretty excited. If you think the GA Aquarium is awesome, let me tell you that it’s 100x better at night when no one is around and there are free cocktails and food. It was so quiet in comparison to daytime that it felt all the more like you were underwater observing.


Now onto the fun stuff. We saw the first go at their new Sea Lion show and oh my gosh. They’re so amazing. These sea lions are rescues from California and pretty much your new best friends. If you feel like you have an inkling of wanting to work with animals, these guys will seal the deal for you (see what I did there)!


In addition to the new sea lion exhibit, Georgia Aquarium has revamped the Dolphin show. I’ll be completely honest with you… I’ve hated the dolphin show in the past. The whole song and dance, story telling musical thing… just not for me. I feared it would be more of the same, and then happily surprised once I realized that wasn’t the premise anymore. Now the shows are just more about the animals. It inspires just as much awe without the veil of a fictional character or story to display their abilities.


After that, Ben and I explored all the exhibits and for the first time ever I was able to actually put my hand in the touch pools. Usually there are a bajillion children crowding everything so it was awesome to just get a sort of one-on-one experience with the animals.


All in all, a damn good night at the aquarium.

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