There are some spots that are so special, you find yourself staying a lot longer than you had originally planned. Of course, this can be a good thing. At least when it comes to sweet little spots like Amelie’s! This Carolina import feels right at home in West Midtown, a burgeoning area of all things cool and well-crafted. I didn’t know what to expect really, but when you say french bakery, I come a-runnin. And I was nothing short of enchanted.


The eclectic and quirky decor, the warmth of the staff, the well-baked baguettes… it’s like a divine melody composed specifically for the purpose of perking up my day. Starting out with the traditional jambon sandwich was a dangerous decision. One little sandwich was not enough baguette to top off my day. I was compelled to eat more bread and I even ended up taking a whole other baguette home. Can you blame me? I daydream of mornings spent strolling through the streets of Paris, picking up a fresh and warm baguette at a corner cafe. Amelie’s is probably as close as I can get right now!


I’m going to have to keep visiting to really sample their dessert offerings. What a harrowing life I lead, right? I was delighted by my latte and petit gateaux (small chocolate cake) and I suspect that is pretty much par for the course here. Everything I experienced at Amelie’s put a smile on my face and I felt comfortable and cozy in their mini living room set-ups. There was a variety of ample seating and the menu had a great selection of lunch sandwiches (except that all of it made me want more bread).


If you live in Atlanta, plan on spending a few lovely hours in this cafe someday. Whether you need a place to meet, catch up with a friend, or unwind, Amelie’s will make you feel at ease. After all, can you really be unhappy when macarons are nearby? Don’t think so.


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