I stumbled into Take Heart with no idea or expectation of what would be inside. The sign outside said “modern, handmade, vintage” which are obviously three of the buzziest buzz words for crafty hipsters like me. Well, it turned out to be one of the cutest little shops I’ve ever been in Austin, or anywhere really.


You can find an assortment of lovely items in this shop, from beauty products to decor, stationary, art and more… the creative energy in this place is like a magnet for lovers of beautifully crafted objects (like me). The space was open and airy, with tons of sunlight flooding in.


The shop reminded me a great deal of a lot of Atlanta boutiques, like a mixture between Youngblood Boutique, The Beehive, and Atlanta Made (probably also Crafted Westside, but I haven’t seen that in person quite yet). I’m sure I could have spent hours in that little space, but alas, I had to trek on. If I lived in the city, I imagine this would be my go-to gift shop. But until they get their online shop up and running, this one is yours, Austin.


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