I’m sure you would agree that a day started with breakfast at a quaint little bistro is going to be a good day. The same is true even in the heart of Texas, where we found the perfect little patio at Blue Dahlia Bistro.


The back patio at the East Austin location is unbelievably enchanting. Under a wooden canopy draped in greenery, it feels a little bit like a secret garden… which just happens to have tables and chairs and servers. Though it was a cloudy day when we went, it still felt a bit magical. In a place as beautiful as that, it almost doesn’t even matter what they serve me.


Our table’s order was varied; frittata, crepes, waffles, charcuterie, oatmeal. All the traditional fixins of a wonderful breakfast spread. The photos, as you can see are ridiculous. Everything looked picture-perfect. 


All the dishes tasted how I expected; traditional and satisfying enough. Two things that I do remember as disappointing though, were the bread and the coffee. And with those being my two favorite elements of breakfast, I don’t think this makes my Austin favorites list. But like I said, the ambiance was so dreamy, it was hard not to be in a state of bliss. So while nothing in the food was remarkable, it was a pleasant morning and a pleasant experience that’s worth trying for yourself.


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