Salvage, put on by the same geniuses who created Indie Craft Experience, is one of the many Atlanta events I look forward to. Here, vendors can sell all their vintage finds and vintage-inspired creations to people like me who like to fancy themselves connoisseurs of pretty things. Not only that, it also gives me an excuse to purchase delicious treats from The Little Tart, King of Pops, and Atomic Ice Cream Sandwiches (there goes my wallet and my diet).


My two purchases of the day were the Missouri plate you see above (for the STL beau) and a sweet little Etienne Aigner wicker shoulder bag from Red Tag Affair (you can see it in her picture way up above)! 


Flanked by these two lovely gingers, I had a great start to the day! It was beautiful outside and we all walked away with some much-loved treasures. My spring outfit for the day is head to toe Anthro (minus my necklace and purse)… guilty as charged. I’m an Anthro addict. What can I say? I work there! And I love it.


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