There are some days – nay, every day – where nothing beats a great sandwich. Crusty fresh bread, salty cured meat, with a little bit of acidic greens; a simple equation for the perfect pick-me-up. Toscano & Sons is my new go-to spot for this carb-craving cure. Having recently relocated to the Virginia Highlands neighborhood, Italian-inspired happiness is just a bike ride away.



Their cozy little store is filled to the brim with pastas, oils, vinegars, meats, cheeses… basically all that is good in life. While I haven’t had a chance to dive into their product pool, their paninis were enough to transform me into a regular patron. For less than $10, you can snag a high-quality sammich that is incredibly satisfying. And to save yourself the carb guilt, do what I do and just split one with someone else (or save half for later)!


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