Not sure where I stumbled upon this work, but I’m sure glad I did. The delicacy, the subtlety, the dots… it just all screams my name.. or rather, whispers. Patti Roberts Pizzuto elegantly layers media to create ethereal compositions, sometimes abstract and other times using familiar symbols of home, sky, earth, and sea. The balance she creates has an ancient quality, almost as if they were mental or psychological maps of times past.


Her work somehow reminds me of art school, which may speak more to the idea of longing and navigation more than referring to an actual memory I have. The marks are indicators of both space and time, connecting us to the hand, body, and experience of the creator.


Patti writes in her artist statement:

“I find that my ways of knowing reveal themselves through the meditative slowness and the work of my hands. My internalized observations of the passing of days, the drama of the unseen, the meaning of stillness, and the witness of the objects that surround us become vehicles to voice the unsayable, expressions of lived experience for which there are never quite the right words.”


To see more of this lovely work (and own one of your own), visit Pizzuto’s Etsy and Facebook!


  1. Such a lovely post, and lovely work. I love that she says in her artist statement about the meaning of stillness. It’s so important to be still sometimes. In a similar way of working, in terms of layering textures and material over one another, you might enjoy Little A Designs (#/littleadesigns?fref=ts) – she makes some wonderful things. xx

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