When you live inside of screens and lenses, you can start to forget the beauty that exists in your own backyard. Within just a short drive of the southern metropolis I call home, there are wondrous views and unforgettable experiences. All you have to do is be willing to explore; thankfully my family always wants to do just that.

amicalola-state-park-1a amicalola-state-park-5aamicalola-state-park-7aamicalola-state-park-11aEvery time my parents come to town, they want me to take them to see some other natural wonder (usually involving a waterfall). I fulfill my duties as the sullen black sheep child and moan and groan all the way there. But once I see it with my own eyes, there’s nothing left to say. It’s always worth it. It’s always worth the inconvenience, the planning, the trek, the whatever – paying your dues – to witness truly natural beauty.



  1. Sean Breslin Reply

    I really love that view when you get to the top of the falls.

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