I don’t typically post on weekends, but this just couldn’t wait. I’m dying to spread the word about an amazing new online publication that made its much-anticipated debut yesterday, Nellie Magazine. This wonderfully inspiring site is the brainchild and collaboration of some of my favorite bloggers; their honesty, strength, and desire to promote true beauty are attributes I look up to in my own everyday.


I’m super excited to begin keep reading articles from all of these talented and lovely ladies on the regular and I think you should too! Their manifesto speaks to reaching a wholeness – a balance in life that allows us to become the best versions of ourselves. And if you’ve read any of my self-improvement rants, then you know I’m all about that. 

Here are just a few of my favorite articles from the magazine so far:

Simplifying for the New Year

Loving Inward and Loving Outward

Entertaining In a Small Space

5 Things Your Mom Forgot To Teach You About Bras

There’s never too much inspiration out in the world and I’m so honored to have even been a part of the sphere that these girls write within. Be sure to like them, follow them, tweet them, et cetera. I swear, they’re the most down-to-earth thought leaders you’ll ever interact with and pretty soon, you’ll feel like they could be your best friends.


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