If I had more money, it would be spent SO well. While I know it’s super tempting (and also a necessary evil) to be a part of the hordes rushing to the big box stores for the holidays, it can often feel so clinical and nerve-wracking to say the least. To get a gift that’s really special, I suggest you visit some smaller businesses to find that special something. One such shop here in the A would be Ponce Living by Tracery Interiors.


tracery-interior-design-ponce-pop-up-7aI stopped into this little holiday pop-up since it was so conveniently located next to one of my favorite coffee roasters and found a little treasure trove of delights. Yes, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll buy a chair or a mirror as a holiday present… but they also have some really unique smaller items as well! Take these vintage globes or these silver deer hooks for example.


And can you handle little porcelain paper weights?! Because I couldn’t. I was obsessed. They were actually affordable and I’m very sad I didn’t pick them up. Perhaps a return trip is in order….


tracery-interior-design-ponce-pop-up-5aThis place is simply lovely and the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. How about here or here?… I think you get the gist. The thing is, I don’t see the holidays as a time to save. I see it as a time to splurge on meaningful tokens for the ones you love. Even if it takes a little more time and research, giving a gift from an unexpected origin is so worth it.