I hate doing this, but I gotta take a little break from posting for a week or two.┬áMoving in with a significant other for the first time is going to be quite the adventure and the new place needs my attention! In addition to that, I’m re-arranging my work priorities and also focusing on two art projects. One is a small commission and the other is an artist flask for Foxboxes’ Infoxicated show at Borderline Gallery. Can’t wait to show you all of these things – my new place and the artwork – when they’re done. I’m hoping this is the start of a wonderful season in my life.

This blog has been such a fulfilling addition to my life so trust me when I say I’ll be back soon! Try not to be too devastated.

[ image via tumblr ]


  1. Everyone needs a break now and again! Enjoy the moving- even though at times stressful, it’s always fun to experience a new place and new season of life ­čÖé Excited to see your work too!

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