Sometimes I fall into the delusional trap of thinking I’ve seen it all. Seen all the places, eaten all the food, roamed all the markets. As much as I try to convince myself that sitting at home on the weekends is the best course of action, it just isn’t true. There is just too much to be found out there in our wonderful city and even the things you think you know can surprise you. Case in point: Paris On Ponce.

antiques and boutiques at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

antiques and boutiques at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

I used to go to Paris on Ponce pretty frequently when I first moved here to ogle the mass amount of antiques (not gonna lie, also because they so adorably laid out cookies and lemonade too), but had fallen off the wagon due to the fact that I could never take home the secondhand furniture I coveted. A chance whim took me back there recently and I was stunned at all the changes that had taken place, in a very good way.

Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

Paris on Ponce is now Paris on Ponce & POP Marché. Still housing a crazy amount of antique treasures, but now also home to unique vignette boutiques filled with home goods from various vendors and curators from around the city. And here I was, thinking it couldn’t get any better! Every booth is like a miniature world with a landscape abundant with patterns, texture, and color.

antiques and boutiques at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

Kitchen Papers at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

antiques and boutiques at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

Despite my best efforts, I didn’t manage to make it out empty-handed. Like I said, I have a thing for glassware. I don’t know why or where it came from, but I just can’t walk away from a set of well-decorated glasses. And so I took home these two sets because I couldn’t imagine life without them.

antique glassware at Paris On Ponce in Atlanta

However let’s not forget one of the biggest selling points of Paris on Ponce – Lé Maison Rouge. It is all your french bordello fantasies come true and completely rentable for any occasion. What I wouldn’t give to choreograph an entire night of burlesque dances in this space!


Marie Antoinette at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

Bottom line is you HAVE TO GO. This pug is using his irresistible cuteness to tell you that you need to be celebrating Bastille Day on July 13th and 14th at PoP! It is FREE and there will be a feast for the eyes and the heart – can you really resist a pug and frenchie parade? I don’t think so.

cute pug mascot at Paris on Ponce | Atlanta

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