I’m not quite sure what’s happening with the amount of adorableness in my blog posts. I just can’t help it, I guess! This last road trip I went solo which sucked but was awesome at the same time. I very much enjoyed being able to sing as loud as I can and stop wherever I wanted. The most surprising stop for me was the Plantation House gas station in Tifton, Georgia.

Georgia roadtrip

(an abandoned building beside the gas station)

Stray kitten


The pumps were old and I felt like an alien in the whole scene. But there were two amazing things at Plantation House. First one being, feral KITTENS. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to just pick one up to take home, but they were definitely not sanitary. 🙁


Baby stray kitten

Second is that the inside of Plantation House was basically a gift store for products from Sunbelt Plantations. Since I always have a pretty low souvenir budget, I went for Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce for Ben and Apple Butter for myself. Both ended up being pretty darn delicious (Ben’s already almost finished his entire bottle).


At the end of the day though, what I love most about road trips is the chance to do nothing but think. I saw this sun shining out through the rain clouds as I got closer to home and felt really… happy.


  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you, what camera are you using for your pictures? A real one or just your phone? (or kandyman’s phone?)

    • Haha! Just a small point and shoot I bought last Cyber Monday. It’s small enough to carry around with me easily 🙂

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