sculpted florals by takaya hanayuishi



There’s really not much I can say about the stunning work of Takaya Hanayuishi that would do it true justice. As you can see from these photographs, his arrangements are a little more than your traditional floral crown. The lush and angular compositions of his headpieces accentuate the natural beauty of the plant as well as the wearer.



she wore flowers in her hair

I am very very happy that floral crowns are so in right now. It speaks to that irrepressible longing for a connection to nature and our organic surroundings. Aaaand I pretty much want to wear flowers in my hair every single day. Here are a few favorites from my pin & crown pinterest board!

Frog Prince florals by Paula O'Hara Photography

[ pin // floral by Frog Prince and photography by Paula O’Hara ]

Rosehip Florals by Judy Pak Photography

[ pin // floral by Rosehip Floral and photography by Judy Pak ]

meet me in st. louis: gardens and grove

Thanks to the generosity of my beau’s parents, I had the pleasure of visiting St. Louis at the end of July. Let me tell you, St. Louis is a hidden gem. I had no idea that one weekend there would pack so much lovely sights and entertainment! It didn’t hurt that the STL heat seemed mysteriously absent the minute we got there. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and everything was beautiful. I couldn’t contain all of this within just a single post, so I’ll start off sharing two highlights: Tower Grove Farmer’s Market and Ben’s mother’s garden.


This market was pretty darn wonderful. Nestled within a park beautiful on its own, the farmer’s market was everything you could ever really want or need out of a farmer’s market. There was an abundance of seasonal fruit, adorable families with puppies, and even a jazz band to brighten your mood. Though I wanted to buy a truckload of food, I just went with my morning usual of a french baguette. I do love me some bread.