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parish foods and goods

One can never have too many cafes in their back pocket, right? Sometimes I worry I will run out of things to try here in Atlanta and then I remember.. it’s Atlanta. There’s always a hidden gem somewhere I haven’t had a chance to try and by the time I try them all, there’s sure to be a handful more that have popped up in the mean time!

Parish in Atlanta, GA / tide & bloomParish in Atlanta, GA / tide & bloom

Parish Foods and Goods is a lovely little rustic restaurant (can you really get enough of those either?) in Inman Park that serves a delightful brunch, lunch, and dinner. But for the more casual pick-up-and-go order, head downstairs to their little market. With well-portioned sandwiches, soups, and snacks, it’s the perfect place for a quick quality bite. 

atlanta history center


I’m going to stop pressuring myself into writing clever copy for every single post. Sometimes, pictures are enough. Sometimes, words cannot accurately describe a lovely experience. The Atlanta History Center is a severely underrated local landmark that houses beautiful gardens, educational museum galleries, and 19th century farm house. If you’re running out of things to do in the A, consider moving this to the top of your to-do list.


why this season was the best bachelor ever

Reality TV isn’t something I tend to share on this blog, but I had to make an exception for The Bachelor. YES I SAID THE BACHELOR. I hated admitting that I watched every episode this season until all of the internets agreed that this may have been the best, or rather most entertaining, season the show has ever seen. I’ve never in my life watched an entire season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette until now. And why the hell did I? Well, many things. First and foremost, Monday night TV just seemed so bleak. Besides HIMYM, which I watch online anyways, there was nothing engaging me to look past my laptop. So my boyfriend and I casually put on The Bachelor as mildly amusing background fodder. Little did we know, we would actually start watching it. Like, really watching it. Well maybe more me watching it and making him look up at the really intense parts.


What’s super ironic about the fandom generated around this season is that, like me, a lot of the viewers loved this season because they generally despise the conceit of the show in the first place. A reality show competition involving a group of women fawning over a singular suitor? That sounds like the lamest and saddest thing ever. Yet so many of us threw the towel in and indulged this season. Why? Well, darling, let me count for you the ways. 

picturing it

It’s been a while since I’ve written something real in here. Don’t get me wrong, all my posts are completely genuine and from the heart; I love being able to share the things that leave me in awe. But I guess I’m just afraid that I’ve trapped myself in a corner, hiding behind all these pretty pictures and styled outfits, convincing myself that this was always my original intent. But it’s not, really. It’s so easy to forget what it is you’re working towards when you’re surrounded by all these lovely distracting things, even more so for someone as visual as myself. I do love food, I do love fashion, I do love Atlanta, I do love a lot of things. The thing I’ve forgotten is that this blog was not just about loving and sharing these beautiful little things.. it’s also about the big picture too. You know, the picture of my life. I’m still sketching it all out and it’ll always be a work in progress.


As I get closer to the first anniversary of Tide & Bloom (!!!), I’d like to tweak and re-state my intention for this space. It may take some rambling posts about patience, creativity, and the like (you know the deal), but I believe that reflection is in order. It may take me a while to figure out the next step, so my posts may become irregular or sparse in the coming weeks. But it will all be for the purpose of my sanity, for re-calibrating the balance in my life.

If you’re a regular reader, I thank you for bearing with me through my first year. I’ve learned so many things about myself and had the chance to connect with a lot of amazing and inspiring people. I intend to continue sharing the beautiful discoveries in my journey and I hope you’ll stay along for the ride!


java jive

When I first moved to Atlanta, I had the brunch epiphany. You know, that brunch is basically the best meal ever and worthy of looking forward to every weekend. Now that I’m living on a budget I don’t get to indulge in brunch quite like I used to, but there are still some favorites I will open up my wallet to. One such place is the delicious and equally charming Java Jive.

Java Jive, Atlanta / tide & bloomJava Jive, Atlanta / tide & bloom

Love their decor, love their food, love the fact that there’s barely ever a wait. I’ve tried a variety of items off the menu, but I never get sick of them. Everything hits the spot and their turkey sausage is one of the best I’ve ever had! Not to mention, their bottomless cup of joe is surprisingly notable.

because you’re mine, mine, mine


Have you ever had a moment, where a song’s lyrics, the melody, the timing, leaves you breathless? And maybe on any other given day you just like it or even love it. But on this particular day it brings tears to your eyes. Today (this was written last week so technically, last week) that song was “Cicadas and Gulls” by Feist. It’s always been one of my favorites from Metals, but for some reason today… it feels like a strong wave rushing over me. Quiet as it is overwhelming, it leaves me trembling in awe, floating away in some weird mix of disappointment and desire.


Feist has always been my musical muse and surprisingly I’ve yet to write about her or her music on here. Perhaps because I’ve identified with her for so long that it just sort of feels like part of my spirit. I’ve heard every track, poured over most of her poetry, and am never able to find something that doesn’t sound like a reflection of myself. I’m not sure what it is. She just… gets me.

Is there an artist, singer, actress, or muse that does that for you? I’d love to hear why and how.

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let the light in

Spring is so here. It’s so here. Regardless of how many more freak cold fronts we might face, I’m determined to be in spring mode. It makes everything better! And with every beautiful day, I’m starting to pull out things in my wardrobe I forgot I ever had. This easy outfit features items that have been hibernating in my closet for quite some time now so I don’t think any of it is available in the stores anymore..


pin addiction: illustration

I bow down to the creators of Pinterest. Never have I ever had such organized imagery inspiration to keep track of all the things that make me look or think twice. As you can imagine, the boards closest to my heart are those related to my craft – art, installation, and illustration. Here is some of my favorite illustrative work found via Pinterest:


Wendy Macmaughton Illustration  Abbey Withington Illustration 

Bernadette Pascua Illustration Juriko Kosaka Illustration 


Aurore de La Morinerie Illustration Juriko Kosaka illustration

Vikki Chu cat illustration Amyilsa McCombie illustration


Sandra Suy fashion illustration

Bernadette Pascua fashion illustration Jessica Durant fashion illustration


Emma Block floral Luli Sanchez illustration

Katie Scott floral Vikki Chu floral illustration

For more illustrious inspiration, check out my illustration board on Pinterest!

spring fling inspired by modcloth

With spring almost in full swing, I’m dying for more patterns in my wardrobe. But since I do own so many solid colors, I’ve been trying to brainstorm new ways to mix, match, and liven up my closet. Using this ModCloth Lead By Example dress as my basic staple, I decided to layer all the trends I’m loving lately to create this fun work-to-play uniform.

ModCloth Spring Style

The formula is pretty self-explanatory and would easily work with a number of colors, patterns, and textures. Dress, jacket, scarf, oxfords and then cool accessories. If that’s not easy breezy, I don’t know what is!

rachel rector lingerie

I usually don’t pay much attention to my undergarments; I typically go for comfort and if anything else, something cute. It doesn’t usually occur to me that my style can extend to lingerie. I’d love to be shown the way, and I think Rachel Rector’s  modern designs could do just that.

Rachel Rector lingerie // summer lookbook '13

This Brooklyn-based designer crafts lovely pieces using bright and sweet colors with bold lines and classic silhouettes. Her lovingly made creations are intended to provide support in more ways than one. Boosting your booty and your confidence? I say yes.

Rachel Rector lingerie // fall '13

But in order to get these beauties out to the world, Rachel is seeking some Kickstartin’ help! Please share her campaign if you can and spread the word out. RR lingerie is a wonderful alternative to the mass-produced cookie cutter bras and such you find in the mall; wouldn’t you like to wear something underneath that’s as beautiful and unique as you are? One glance at these lookbooks and I know you’ll want to wear undergarments on the outside as much as I do.