Before I start talking about this outfit, I’m gonna say that blogging is real hard. Trying to post blogs while also trying to make artwork and have a full time job and be a functioning human being is definitely difficult. Nevertheless, I have decided to never guilt myself into doing anything I don’t want to do. If I can make art, I will make art. If I have something to blog about, I will blog about it. If I love an outfit, I will share it. But I won’t succumb to self-inflicted shame or disappointment in not being more active than I already am. More on this topic to come (if I feel like it).

There are not many trends I have not tried in the dressing room. Usually I can make something work but there are certainly plenty of things I know do NOT work on me. Though I have a fairly even body shape, I get real self conscious on how my legs look so most of the things that I know don’t work on me are because they highlight my legs. For instance: white jeans, mini skirts, overalls, lace up heels, over the knee boots… all are items my body does not love. OR it could be that I’ve just never found the right fit. Case in point, the chino. I’ve never loved a chino pant but this year I found one that actually works and doesn’t make me look like a middle-aged mom.

Thanks to Anthro, I try on chinos every single year they come out. And every year in the past, I was disappointed and proven right that chinos were not my thing. That was then and this is now. The subtle wash and the cut of the seam is what makes this pair for me. They make me feel the way boyfriend jeans feel – now that I’ve found the right ones, they’re ALL I want to wear because they’re damn comfortable while still making me look on trend.

I’m still playing around with outfitting and styling with various proportions, but I love this new top with these chinos because the colors feel oh so right with one another. Just enough contrast and just enough color saturation that feels perfect for spring in bloom. I own plenty of army green and pastel green in my wardrobe but now I’m craving more of these peachy pink tones to liven things up. Or I’ll just wear this one shirt every other day of my life. Maybe I’ll just do that.

chinos / anthro
top / anthro
jacket / anthro
necklace / anthro
sunglasses / urban outfitters
espadrilles / anthro… from forever ago.

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