I love myself a weekday drink with a friend and I’m assuming you do too. I mean if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the great joys of being an adult. Meeting up in the afternoon and knowing that you’re going to catch up and simply enjoy a smooth drink and a salty snack – there’s not really a better way to top off your workday.


I’m pretty lucky that I’m surrounded by women of such a high caliber in my life. I’m even luckier that they don’t hate me for taking pictures of our food and drinks before we dig in (they know me by now).

Last week I met up with a friend and we dipped our toes into the menu at Cooks & Soldiers over on the Westside. To be completely honest, I can’t say I’ve made a decision about whether or not it’s worth a visit. I’ve had high expectations for this restaurant for quite some time now. Maybe that can be blamed on instagram, particularly the mouth-watering shots of their chef stirring huge pans of paella. 


I’ll need to go there for an actual dinner to make a final decision but as of right now, it doesn’t top my list of spots to chill with your ladies. It seems it might be a better place for a happy hour first date or an intimate one on one dinner.


The drinks were good, but not particularly outstanding. And the food was, again, good but not particularly outstanding. However I will say that I’m no expert on ordering off of a Basque-inspired menu so I can’t say I knew what was the best way to go. We tried the duck confit toast and the cheese fries. Of the two, the cheese fries definitely won.

With prices as high as theirs, I can’t justify going there often. I may be an adult(ish), but I’ll save this place for a special occasion where I can actually get a full dining experience. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly had a good time – but for review’s sake, I much prefer a more casual spot to meet up with a friend.


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