When a new coffee spot in town opens up, you know you’ll find me there drinking lattes like there’s no tomorrow. Typically I visit a new place just once or twice to take pics and feel the vibe, but with 8 arm I’ve already been there like 5 times since I first visited it a month ago. Is that insane? I very rarely find a place I love as much as Octane but this one is right up there.


First of all, how come no one knows about this spot? It’s right on Ponce, in that spot that used to have all the scooters. It’s open morning until night and has a breakfast lunch AND dinner menu. While the pricing is a little too high to be my every day spot, everything I’ve tried there is delish. Atlanta magazine claimed that 8 arm now has the best biscuit in Atlanta, but the item I’m dying over is the CINNAMON BUN. Go get it. The dining room is flooded with natural light and a weekday is quiet enough to sit and really enjoy the morning.


 This particular morning that I went, I was feeling really down, out, and tired. Sitting there with my latte and biscuit sandwich along with the array of throwback feel-good tunes playing, I slowly bloomed back into my optimistic self and remembered how beautiful moments like these are. That’s the thing about a good cup of coffee on a bright and breezy morning – it really does give you life.


I don’t know what their lunch or dinner menu tastes like, but I’m venturing to guess that it’s just as great as what I’ve had thus far. It’s places like these – the quiet ones committed to excellence over fanfare – that make me feel like Atlanta development could actually be a good thing. If it provides lovely stages like this to deserving craftsmen, then I can get on board.


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