The longer I go on blogging, the more I want to get into vlogging. Why? For one, pictures say a thousand words but then videos say 10,000. Secondly I think my genuine reaction in real-time would be so much more entertaining than coming here and trying to rehash the experience. Do you watch food network? I basically want to be Guy Fieri but also touring shops, testing products, and interviewing artists, et cetera. How do I become a famous personality so that people become interested in my opinion?… I guess I’ll just keep working on it. If you know anyone looking to make a TV show featuring me, let me know.

For this blog post/episode, I’m pleased to introduce you to Sinclair’s Mercantile, a newly opened lifestyle boutique down in the heart of McDonough. Where’s that, you ask? It’s about a 45 minute drive South of Atlanta. So not TOO far, but far enough (for me) where this really has to be a purposeful visit. Which is really just fine seeing as how Lanie Beth and her husband Brad have made it their mission to create a beautiful open space with just about anything you’d need to enhance your wardrobe. If half my bank account wasn’t already committed to Anthropologie, then I’d be spending a whole lot of it here.


The duo has paid careful attention to what comes into their shop, in regards to both assortment and origin. It’s truly a shop for the whole family and includes thoughtful accessories for life and home as well. Being that they are in the heart of a small town, they knew it was going to be quite a big risk to bring in premium denim and designer names. Somehow though they’ve managed to create a balance – I can tell it was an intentional focus – between accessibility and aspiration. I couldn’t really resist and I bought a ring for $14 and bangin’ Matisse shoes for less than $100.


I’m a shop girl at heart so I love things. I love pretty things, I love handmade things, I love ALL the things. Maybe you aren’t as susceptible to a pretty shop, but that’s not me. It’s the whole reason I even have this blog in the first place; because I cannot contain my love and appreciation for the passion of others.


Lanie Beth put everything she is into this shop and so it makes you feel the same way she does – warm, at home, taken care of. I knew that this was going to be the case so I’m so happy I made the trip to see it in person. If you do too, you won’t regret it. Make sure you pad enough time in to stroll the McDonough square too! I made the mistake not to.



  1. Christina!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!! For your kind words, support and just for being my friend. I know this is just the beginning. Yay for pretty things!

  2. Pamela Pharris Reply

    I fully agree that this shop makes you feel comfortable and has a little something for everyone. The Sinclair’s heart is in this store and it shows around every corner.

  3. Marsha Pettitt Reply

    Great store! I haven’t seen another any prettier!! Unique, creative and worth your while to go shop!

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