Yes, two weeks later and I’m still ruminating on the best moments of our Charleston trip. That and also my normal life is just not that exciting. So I finally get to bring to you photos from one of my favorite meals in the Holy City, a lovely Sunday dinner at Chez Nous. We did our due diligence prior to the trip and Chez Nous was at the top of our list – the kind of place that focused on high quality simplicity, changing their menu every single day to suit the prime ingredients of the season.


The day we drove to Charleston we checked Chez Nous’ instagram to see what was on the menu. Every day features two starters, two entrees, and two desserts – you can select however many you’d like for the table, even just a dessert if that’s your fancy. Their dishes are inspired by French, Italian, and Spanish cuisines – classic flavor combinations cooked exactly as they’re meant to be.

On top of that, we were lucky enough to get the best al fresco table in the house. Well, outside the house. Sitting outside as the light slowly dipped beneath the trees, everything felt exactly as it should be. The service, ambiance… it was all juuust right.


I guess I should talk a little bit about the food, right? I’m not a professional food critic, but the shining stars of the meal were the melon salad and the grouper with chanterelles. Duck is just always good whenever it’s cooked right, but the other two dishes were beyond amazing. They were the perfect balance of flavor and texture; the melon was so succulent and the fish was beautifully crisp. Two really great plates that felt fresh and earthy – I really wish I could eat them again someday.


As you can see, the orange mousse dessert was also very elegant. The light sweetness wrapped up our meal in the best way, subtle and fresh yet again. The entire dinner experience at Chez Nous ranks right up there with some of my favorite dinners I’ve ever had in my life. In one sitting, this restaurant solidified my desire to come back to Charleston. If I lived in this city, I would no doubt be bringing all visitors here to fall in love like I did.



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