I’ll have to preface this – I really did try to put together a collection that would apply to a range of gentlemen. But perhaps my own inclination ended up making it for the sum of guys with beards who live in the South. Oh well.

gifts for the gentleman

1 / this “mates for life” poster is SO SWEET. i want it for myself.
2 / every guy needs a good denim shirt. i know you know this already.
3 / amazeballs for whatever choice of liquor suits him
4 / a smartphone mount for his bike
5 / something metal with a bunch of uses, including opening bottles
6 / this is the soap we use in my house. it’s a pretty neutral scent and is super exfoliating!
7 / a book all about frying yummy things
8 / a messenger bag for all his crap
9 / maybe “coco-lada” isn’t the manliest, but there are a few flavors to choose from owl’s brew
10 / one of my faves from the hood, block & hammer collar stays

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