The overachiever loves things that keep her world organized, bright, clean, and optimistic. This means fun desk stuff, cool calendars or motivational posters, and beautifully functional accessories.

gifts for the overachiever

1 / atlanta’s brit bass has a ton of awesome products featuring her gorgeous abstract compositions
2 / pens. i mean, not the funnest thing, but it helps rounds out a set to have a small functional item
3 / couldn’t help but put a little sweetness in here! you can find malvi all over the city 🙂
4 / just a bit of glitz in the form of a gold and lucite stapler
5 / virgos tend to be overachievers, but obvi get whatever sign candle the recipient is
6 / patterned socks. yes again, very functional, but the antlers add a touch of whimsy
7 / pencil case. does anyone still use these? i hope so!
8 / hand creme to keep her skin hydrated with classic feminine scents
9 / most overachievers love a good iced coffee. this one’s no longer available, so go for wanderlust atl!
10 / go for this classic lip balm, a simple beauty staple
11 / maybe my favorite out of everything, this book of inspiration with illustration by lisa congdon

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