The artist appreciates all things cool, unique, handmade, or one of a kind. This can often be the most difficult person to buy gifts for mainly because of their diverse aesthetic interests. Your best bets are stunning coffee table books (you know, the really heavy kind), fun art supplies, or just something cozy for them to wear while they craft.

gifts for the artisan

1 / painterly and inspiring, can’t really beat this cy twombly book
2 / this krysos and chandi bracelet is like wearing sculpture
3 / a classic oversized cardigan is perfect for wearing in the studio
4 / i don’t know how good these are, but these colored pencils look fun
5 / an awesome faceted bottle by honeycomb studio
6 / a simple but strong color statement for their home
7 / this block printed tea towel from atlanta’s native bear is sure to be a pleaser
8 / a simple jonathan adler candle, clean and bright
9 / if she’s the jewelry wearing kind, this feather ring is a cool inexpensive option
10 / more pleasing colors and patterns in form of a kilim pillow

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