Say hello to yet another awesome Atlanta must-see to add to your bucket list: Scott Antique Market. I’m actually a bit embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to see it. Since it only happens the second weekend of every month, it can be easy to miss it unless you’re specifically gearing up to purchase some cool doodads or furniture. Though I myself am not in the market, you know I’m always down for looking at collections of fascinating objects.


There’s really not much more to say here. Ben and I went on a Sunday so a lot of the larger furniture dealers were packing up already by midday, but I still feel like we got to see a good amount of things. It can be easily overwhelming if you don’t have patience or the desire to really browse; most notable for me was the array of cool prints and old book pages. If I had the wall space and the money, I could easily snatch up hundreds of pressings, drawings, and random clips from old periodicals. But, alas, I exercised control.


In addition to the two ginormous expo centers, there is an outdoor market where you can find a plethora of rustic decor and knickknacks. Again, this is a circumstantial heaven; if I were an interior decorator or if I was opening up a retail or restaurant space… this would be the place to go for supplies. But even so, it’s just a half hour drive south of the city center so all you need to do is make a day of it! Allow yourself time and keep your mind (and eyes) open for a possible treasure.



  1. This one looks awesome! Texas Antique Week is going on here currently and this just made me really excited for it this weekend!

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