If you’re above the age of twenty-two, there’s a pretty good chance you’re into farmer’s markets. When you get to your mid-20s, you get the cooking bug – if not for┬átaste and craft, then definitely for practicality. This is when all of us start getting really into gardening, cooking, all that domestic crap. Ben and I are certainly guilty of this, and we are not afraid to venture out for some good produce. Solution? Atlanta State Farmer’s Market.

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This ain’t your neighborhood farmer’s market. It’s not a makeshift pop-up side job for these guys; they’re the real deal. Rows and rows of farmer-dealers, offering up the most enticing array of fresh fruits and veggies (not to mention spices too)! It’s worth a drive for a good deal if you need a ton of tomatoes, a ton of onions, a ton of cucumbers, a ton of anything. Even better – they also have a nursery.


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  1. faconconnect Reply

    I love going to the farmer’s market! Everything is just so fresh! I love it! Your pictures look great!

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