As you’ve heard (or read) me say over and over, there are always more hidden gems in Atlanta to be found. I’m guessing this is true of any growing and thriving city full of wonderful and creative entrepreneurs. Last week I found myself stumbling into Julianna’s Crepes for a lovely mid-afternoon snack, thanks to the suggestion of my new blogger friend Lucy.


As quaint and charming as ever, this cafe serves up a menu of both savory and sweet crepes. Since I hadn’t had lunch yet, I went for savory while Lucy went for the classic sweet combo of strawberries, banana, and honey. Both tasted a bit like the French/Hungarian childhood I never had.


I imagine it’s pretty hard to mess up crepes as long as you cook the batter correctly and choose the right ingredients. While our crepes were definitely tasty, I think there was some room for more flavor play to happen in mine. The tasso ham with chevre was guaranteed to be delish, especially with Spotted Trotter meat, but I felt like it needed something else to complete the filling. Arugula? A lemon aioli? Something to take it to the next level and make my tongue go yeeeeahhh.


I think it’s probably my own fault; I did choose one of the simplest combos on the menu. And I think it also may depend on your preference – I’m sure some people don’t want a ton of shit in their crepe, muddling up all the flavors. Either way, I definitely have plenty of good reasons to go back and try another! Anyone wanna make a crepe date?


  1. That is like the cutest little shop I’ve ever seen. Too bad I’m all the way in California. I could go for some crepes about now.

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