Coffee can be quite a mystery to me sometimes, and I bet you feel some degree of the same. Much like wine or chocolate, there are mounds and mounds of knowledge that I seem to not have access to, but am very curious about. I worship at the altar of this addictive dark liquid and wonder if my life might be different had my college courses been more focused on roasting beans instead of playing with colors. Here, at Blueprint Coffee, I felt right at home. Well, not home home… more like coffee heaven home.



The most difficult part of the experience you’ll have here is choosing your tonic (me being the girl I am, I went for a latte). Regardless of what you like though, you’re pretty much guaranteed a well-crafted cup of something that was roasted less than 20 feet away from you. Not much to complain about that. ALSO, they have bread and butter. Like, nicely toasted french loaves with honey herb butter and ginger-berry jam. What I wouldn’t give to start every day with a nice cup of coffee and a piece of toast! Guess I might need to come to STL a little more often.



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