Like most of the country, we folks here in Georgia are totally done with winter. Every now and then we’ve been blessed with a warmer day (warmer meaning actually hitting 50 degrees) and you bet your butt we take advantage of it. The outfit seen here was worn on such a day and it felt unbelievably good to only have two light layers on!


There’s something I haven’t been telling you, but you may have guessed it by now. The reason why a lot of the outfits I wear contain unavailable items is because I shop on a budget. Like, a real budget. I rarely buy anything at full retail price and when I do, it’s only because of my wonderful employee discount at Anthro! When purchasing for myself, I keep clear guidelines in my head on what I’m willing to spend. Perhaps I’ll elaborate on that in another post…


That being said, I apologize if you see something I’m wearing and you want it too. Chances are, it’s a last chance sort of thing hanging out on the clearance racks in the mall (or it’s really very old). So really, the purpose of my style posts is just for fun; an outfitting challenge for me and an inspiration source for you. Hope you enjoy them!




pure + good tee / anthropologie
blazer / banana republic
black skinny jeans / aeropostale
cut-out boots / steve madden
purse / oryany
sunglasses / anthropologie
earrings / anthropologie
floral scarf / gift from a bff

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