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Portugal: Belém

It has been an insanely long time since I wrote in this blog. Definitely not for a lack of content in my life, but more a lack of words. Ben and I got married in October, so life has been moving quite fast. There’s been almost too many memories to share! From now on, anything artist-related will be posted over on my artist website and Tide & Bloom will remain more about my personal life, food, style, travel, etc. Sorry to do this, but I’m skipping over the whole wedding thing and going straight to recapping our honeymoon in Portugal. You don’t mind, right?

We landed in Lisbon after an overnight(ish) flight and went straight to our first hotel in Belém. This is an area just a short drive away from Lisbon and was a great way to ease into vacation mode. We spent the day exploring on foot, eating our first pasteis de nata and exploring The Berardo Collection Museum. It only made sense that our first pastel de nata would be from its origin, Jerónimos Monastery.

Then we stumbled upon a botanical garden which cost like only a couple euro to go in so naturally we went. Lots of ducks, lots of peacocks, lots of beauty. Perfect for our first afternoon stroll as a married couple.

So although Belém is usually only a quick stop for most tourists, it was such a lovely spot to spend our first day of our honeymoon. It was not super touristy and everything was within an easy walking distance. Our hotel, Altis Belém, was right on the harbor and the perfect place to relax. We were welcomed in our room with their own house-made pasteis, and they continued to treat us throughout the day with surprise cookies and chocolates. Our honeymoon was off to the loveliest start and it only got better from there. Next up… Lisbon!

Proof Bakeshop

If you ever have a chance to go to Proof Bakeshop, please do. Please do. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying their baked goods at off-site locations (like Brash Coffee or Bread & Butterfly), but taking a slow morning at their bakeshop was a true delight. For that reason, space can be scarce, but on a weekday you’re bound to find a seat. I ordered a coffee and their ham and gruyere croissant. It was as big as my face and I didn’t give AF that I ate it all. #worthit

They’ve also got bread and cakes and other baked goods that basically make you want to move in and stay forever. At least that’s how I felt. It was a quiet setting, nothing pretentious and everything I ate – including cookies to go – were perfectly indulgent. My figure can’t handle going there any more than every now and then. Push this one to the top of your must-try list, especially if you do any sort of studying or freelancing. Oh, and let me know so I can join you!

sarah dodge’s bread is good pop-up

Not sure when I first discovered who Sarah Dodge was. I’m assuming it was when she was creating the insanely delicious cinnamon buns and biscuits at 8arm, but I’ve been enjoying her pastries before that too (when she was at Little Tart). It’s so exciting to see someone with culinary talent change and grow. Once I saw Sarah making bread on her instagram, I was on HIGH alert for any announcement that would mean I’d be able to eat her pastries again.

Well, she answered my dreams. Sarah is doing a breakfast pop-up at Queen of Cream every weekend with a rotating menu. It immediately shot up to the top of my to-do list and I went for a rainy Sunday with Ben even though I already had brunch plans. I went before brunch.

The whole experience was a delight. Believe it or not, I had never been inside Queen of Cream! I’ve eaten the ice cream from the carts, but never gone inside the shop. Now I’m so glad I did – the whole thing made me feel like I was back in Montreal, eating a casual breakfast sitting in the window of a simple shop eating delicious food. There’s nothing better than these little moments of life.

I had to resist getting the predictable thing, cinnamon bun and a biscuit. I know these are amazing because duh she made the ones we know and love so well at 8arm. Instead I took a risk and got the spaghetti squash hash with a fried egg on top… and I was not disappointed. Spaghetti squash needs to go on every brunch menu from now on. It’s such a great carrier for savory flavors! Ben got the waffle with a scoop of ice cream on top, which is funny because I thought he was only ever going to be able to have ice cream for breakfast at home. It was a good morning for both of us.

SO. What you need to do is put this on your calendar ASAP. She does run out of supplies so don’t dawdle – make it a priority! Also I’m so happy to see so many others in the Atlanta community coming out to eat her food. She deserves the spotlight she’s getting and I hope this means I’m going to be eating her food for a very long time…

Asian Supermarket… literally.

In a Buford Highway plaza named “Asian Square”, you’ll find the “Asian Supermarket”. Yes, that’s what it’s named (in English anyways). This is where I’ve found one of my favorite wonton noodle soups! And it’s also where Ben can find some seriously numbing Sichuan fried chicken.

This is the roasted duck that also goes into my wonton soup. Because wonton soup is not wonton soup without some roast duck! Ugh, I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it. This night in particular we went with our friends Molly and Andy and they went the custom route – choosing random ingredients for a Sichuan stir fry. I’m so glad they did it because I never would have tried it and now I know, this is a delicious option. Thank god for Buford Highway.