fight for friendships

As per usual, Darling Magazine has its finger on my emotional pulse. This fantastic article by Natalie on nurturing inspiring relationships touches on a topic that has personally been top of mind for me particularly for the past three months: friendship. I feel like I’ve recently read numerous blog posts and viral articles about how friendships, and really everything in life, changes significantly in your 20s. This is a no-brainer for sure, but still feels monumental when it happens in your own life. Remarkable really, how everyone goes through the same shifts. It really isn’t earth-shattering on the grand scale of current events, but when it happens to you, it really can feel like everything is changing (because… it is).


As you continue to progress in your career and romantic relationship, there is less and less time available to devote to friendships. What once was the only stable thing in your life now might become the most questionable. Even the best and closest friendships can slip through the cracks of “I’m just so busy”.